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Vaccine Hotline Number : 9861966614

Clinicone Reviews

Krishnaa Jaishi

I was recommended by my close friend to visit the doctor in the clinic and it was worth it. The doctor and the medical staffs were warm and welcoming, they made me feel comfortable to share my problems with them. I felt assured about the doctor’s treatment. I would like to visit again for regular check-ups.

clinic one reviews by patients

William Harper

Went there for an emergency rabies shot today.. had an awesome experience. The vaccinating nurse was really nice and considerate, and was constantly trying to make me as comfortable as possible. In total it just took me 15 minutes to complete the registration and vaccine.

Kudos to the Clinic One staffs and the team. I’ll definitely visit there again.. (Well, I kinda have to, for my next shot)

clinic one reviews by patients

Preity Gurung

I recently went to the clinic to get vaccinated. I am extremely pleased with the overall service provided by the staff members. They were very kind and caring. They even gave me medical advice for my knee wound, which was completely unexpected. I highly recommend this place ?

clinic one reviews by patients

Anusha Basnet

Well managed and clean. This is what everyone expects from any clinc and clinic one has both. Apart from that it is also very affordable. The services are adequate. Staffs here are very accommodating and friendly.

clinic one reviews by patients

Shristi Shahi

I used the services of Clinic One for PCR and Antibody test. Great professionals, swift examination and the process to view lab reports are way easier. I will definitely use the services from Clinic One in future.

clinic one reviews given by patients

Sanjay Dubey

I received some consultation from one the clinic one doctors & I was impressed with the amount of time, he spent asking me questions to assess my situation. Setting up an appointment was also an easy & prompt business .

clinic one reviews by clients