How to treat Melasma (पोतो /कालो दाग )?

melasma (पोतो /कालो दाग) treatment in Nepali

Last updated on June 10th, 2022 at 02:45 pm

Melasma is an acquired pigmentation in the face that affects both males and females, mostly in the 20s to 50s age group.

It is indued by UV rays, hormonal imbalance, genetics, medication, & stress.

All these factors induce face radicals that stimulate pigment-producing cells called “melanocytes” causing excessive patchy uneven pigmentation.

Once the pigmentation process starts, it gets very difficult to control. So, we suggest patients start treatment as early as possible.

Having said that, the treatment is difficult & may take months to years but not impossible. We have seen many patients cleared with melasma with our treatment.

Why only choose Dermatologist prescribed products/medicines for Melasma especially in Nepal?

There are medicines & products which fade the pigmentation part but it reoccurs as fast as it goes as well once it is stopped.

These medicines/products generally damage the skin, causing wrinkles, redness, pimples, and so on.

Therefore, it is essential to start the treatment for melasma under the supervision of a dermatologist and only use the medicines/products prescribed by the doctor.

What are the treatments available for Melasma at Clinic One Kathmandu?

Our treatment regimen is very simple & effective. It comprises of antioxidant serum, multiple safe slain lighters, broad-spectrum sunscreen & monthly chemical peel that target pigmentation.

The medicines we prescribe are safe. It does not damage the skin in any way rather it improves the overall texture of the skin & not just pigmentation.

Things to consider while undergoing the treatment for Melasma

  • Jumping from one regimen to another & shuffling products delay the treatment process.
  • Another important thing to know is “Laser is not effective in melasma”.
    It clears pigmentation for a short amount of time but flares after few months which is even more difficult to fade.

At Clinic One, the patient can notice changes as early as in 2 months. These changes increase with time & eventually clear. “Patience” is the main determining factor in the treatment of Melasma.

Choose the treatment wisely!